More fishing at Lock 3 in Akron, Ohio

We saw fish in the canal every visit we made to Lock 3 in downtown Akron, Ohio. In summer, they are there. (Not so in winter—the shallow water is too cold.)

We’ve caught largemouths, little catfish, rock bass, sunfish, and bluegill. Here you see us contend with panfish who were skittish. But, with a little cunning we quickly scored one.

For more info on this fishing hole, see my previous Lock 3 video and blogpost.


Fly Fishing the Cuyahoga Falls River in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

It is not a river runs through it, but hey—it is a river, and its health is coming back. I’ve written previously of this fishing dock, located at 1160 Front St. Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221.

Here I had to work hard to nab a panfish, but it was worth it—certainly the kids cheered. Why it was so slow this time is beyond me, as small fish tend to school about the dock. Regardless, we had fun, and as the dun went down we got to watch a resident raccoon make her way along the shore.

Lake Medina Surprises Me with a 30″ Northern Pike

Lake Medina is a sizable, beautiful lake where you do not need a fishing license to enjoy its waters. The water is clear, the shored are rocky, and there’s a huge amount of space to shore fish. Kayaks can be put in on the northern side of the lake — although it is about a 500-foot haul from the parking lot just off Granger Road. (I have not clue what the southern side of the lake looks like. I never made it there.)

When we arrived around 9am, my eyes popped—a couple of largemouth bass a short distance from the shore! And bluegill and other panfish immediately began hitting worm on bobber.

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Yes, There Are Fish to Catch at Lock 3 in Akron!

This downtown Akron spot is in for the performance space, Children’s Museum, and bars. But Lock 3 has a canal (hence the name) and its still spots have fish: bass, bluegill, catfish, and more.

A bobber and worm works, as does a 2.5″ Gulp minnow on a small jig head. I caught this fish on my daughter’s pink-purple Zebco rod. No need for heavy line or tackle here. The water is no deeper than 4 feet. 8-pound line is a happy medium. (Yes, you could use 10-pound or 12-pound, or 4-pound or 6-pound, although the latter two might bust if a big bass hits it. You do have to pull the fish up 12-feet or so to get it out of the canal.)

Gulp 2.5″ minnow:
1/4″ jigheads:
8-pound monofilament:

Akron Lock 3 Entry.jpg

Entryway to Lock 3 in Akron, Ohio.

Bluegill, Sunfish, Large-mouth Bass, and Small-mouth Bass Fishing In Silver Lake, Ohio, July 5, 2016

This lovely, private lake —you cannot get in unless you are a member or a guest of a member—has a little dock that one can fish off, and rowboats and kayaks may be borrowed for free.

There are lots of lilly pads, but the seaweed is not bad. The sunfish and bluegills are plentiful, and love little hotdog chunks (bobbered or not). In three hours we landed about 10 sunfish, along with a small mouth bass. The catfish lines put out there (hot dog, shad, cat-chow bait) got no bites. (A 16-inch catfish did hang around the dock, trailing a rig and line from its mouth.) A young boy near me caught a 12-inch large-mouth bass on bobber and hot dog chunk.

This advice came from Robert Heydorn, who knows the lake better than anyone:

“It’s mainly a bass lake, largemouth bass to be specific. It also has bluegill and sunfish and black crappie and channel catfish. If you want to fish for the bass he recommends 7 inch plastic worms that are dark colored on a Texas rig. The kids can fish off the dock with little bits of hot dog on a 12 or 14 inch hook using a bobber. Walmart also sells bait now and they have a red worms or wax worms which they called butter worms that he says are really good. For catfish, I use hot dogs, but others use store-bought catfish bait, chunks of old chicken or liver, or night crawlers. Off the dock you can catch lots of panfish and occasional bass. Catfish in the evening. Bass better then too. If he is bass fishing in a boat, tell him to hit the edges of the lilly pads all around the lake.” It was great fun to fish here and I would enjoy trying to work the lake from one of the rowboats.

ABK and small-mouth bass

Small-mouth bass caught from the dock at Crystal Lake.

Catfishing and Bluegill Fishing in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, July 4, 2016

Front Street dock

Front Street dock on the Cuyahoga River. Source:


We fished from the nice t-shaped dock at 1160 Front St. Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221. The dock itself was a mere 5 minute walk from the ample parking lot.

This outing was a major disappointment. We were well-rigged for channel catfish (hot dog, shad, cat-chow bait) and got nothing in 2+ hours.

We caught one tiny bluegill on bobbered red worm, and whiffed in our attempts to get bass bites on rubber worms. The others fishing from the dock also got only small bluegill, and few at that.

Possibly, there is a good fishing spot not far from this location. I have have read a couple reports about good bass fishing near the Ohio Edison Dam.

Sunfish and Blue Gill Fishing at Kendall Lake in Peninsula, Ohio, July 2-6, 2016

Virginia Kendall Lake.png

Virginia Kendall Lake is located just outside Cuyahoga Falls. One can set the GPS for Kamper City RV sales, and then turn left on Kendall Park Road. Wind down the hill until you see the sign on the left for Kendall Lake.

The lake was reopened in 2014 after being closed for dredging and other “hydrologic” issues.

It is extremely weed-choked, both on the surface and below it. I could not bass-fish even with a Texas rigged worm, but let’s be honest—I am a very amateur bass fisherman. No doubt someone more skilled could work the lake and might score something.

We fished from the dock (left side) and aimed for a couple of nearby weed-free spots, and bobbered. Red worms and nightcrawlers were taken by Sunfish like crazy one morning. (Hot dogs bits were not much loved.) We had 8 fish (7 sunfish and 1 blue gill) in 2.5 hours and plenty of bait thefts. A very small hook is best—an Eagle Claw #6 or #8—as is very light line (4- or 6-pound). Sunfish will bite on a number of baits (including corn and maggots), but one needs to use a small amount and keep it tight on the hook since bluegills and sunfish are nibblers who will push bait around, suck it in their mouths, spit it out, etc. Continue reading