Sunfish and Blue Gill Fishing In Akron, Ohio, July 2-6, 2016

Virginia Kendall Lake.png

Virginia Kendall Lake is located just outside Cuyahoga Falls. One can set the GPS for Kamper City RV sales, and then turn left on Kendall Park Road. Wind down the hill until you see the sign on the left for Kendall Lake.

The lake was reopened in 2014 after being closed for dredging and other “hydrologic” issues.

It is extremely weed-choked, both on the surface and below it. I could not bass-fish even with a Texas rigged worm, but let’s be honest—I am a very amateur bass fisherman. No doubt someone more skilled could work the lake and might score something.

We fished from the dock (left side) and aimed for a couple of nearby weed-free spots, and bobbered. Red worms and nightcrawlers were taken by Sunfish like crazy one morning. (Hot dogs bits were not much loved.) We had 8 fish (7 sunfish and 1 blue gill) in 2.5 hours and plenty of bait thefts. A very small hook is best—an Eagle Claw #6 or #8—as is very light line (4- or 6-pound). Sunfish will bite on a number of baits (including corn and maggots), but one needs to use a small amount and keep it tight on the hook since bluegills and sunfish are nibblers who will push bait around, suck it in their mouths, spit it out, etc.

At the end of the day, the sunfish were very cautious—they seldom took bobbered bait and we had to remove the bobber and manual chuck the line in the water. I was wishing I had a fly rod at that point. But, hand-chucking the line and bait in the water worked—the splash caught their attention, then little tugs drew hits. Sunfish will bottom feed, and these ones did often.

Do bring small needle-nosed pliers, as sunfish and bluegill have small mouths and often suck the hooks deep, making extraction challenging.

Kendall Lake is a fine place to take a 4- to 8-year old child for quick thrills, or if you yourself just enjoy bagging sunfish.

ASK and sunfish.jpg


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