Large-mouth Bass Fishing in Warrenton, Virginia, June 13-14, 2016

On June 13 and 14, 2016, I was at a  retreat held at Airlie House in Warrenton Virginia. The front desk supplied a rod with spincasting reel (a cheap Zebco) and 8-pound line. The weather was sunny one day and cloudy the next. Stanley Lake behind the  main house of the hotel is stocked with bass

The temperature was 75 degrees or so. I shore-fished on a current-less lake. The lure that quickly proved effective was a black Zoom 6-inch or so rubber worm (flat tail-not round and bulbous like the below image) with a hook run through it. No weight was needed. Since the fish were large mouth bass, a larger (but not catfish big) offset worm hook run through the worm was best.

Black zoom worm.jpg

Off-set worm hook

When those hooks ran out, I got by with a larger standard hook, but found myself getting hung up in the bottom weeds more often. A clinch knot with an extra square knot above it held it firm.

The technique was cast, let sink for 5-10 seconds (the lake was maybe 6-10 foot deep?) and then reel slowly in. Bass sometime hit it as it sank, and also as it came in—even only a few feet from the shores. If I saw signs of life, like fish nipping the surface, I‘d cast there and land one quickly. If it was still water, I would cast maybe a half dozen times and if there was no hits I would move on. Best fishing was near shade-casting trees.

All told, in about 3.5 hours of fishing over 4 sessions I caught 13 or more fish, ranging from 8 inches to nearly 20 inches. They fought well, but each was brought in within 30 seconds.

Large-mouth Bass 06-14-2016


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