Fluke and Black Sea Bass Fishing in Montauk, New York, August 12, 2014

Fluke Black Sea Bass Viking boatWe left dock a little after 8:30 AM and returned a bit after 12:30 PM. Robert and I were on a 65-foot Viking Fleet boat: http://www.vikingfleet.com/fishing/fishing.asp

The weather was beautiful—70 to 75 degrees, and it had not rained in some days.

We fished for maybe 2.5 hours. We fished 4 places. It was a mediocre day.

Each rod had heavy monofilament, with a decent sized hook on it, and 2.5 feet above was an #8 sinker (some folks had #10 ones, which would have been better with the current.) The model was the same as the catfish rig but with the sinker and hook positions reversed (catfish = sinker at the end with the hook tied above; fluke was hook at the end with the sinker above.)

Fluke Black Sea Bass rig

It was bottom fishing with one dead sand eel (3 inches long and hooked through the eye) and one slice of squid body (5-4 inches). We got a couple of fluke and a sea bass. We had some hits that took our eels. Most folks got only 1 or 2 fish the entire trip. A minority of folks caught 4-7 fish.

Learning experience: Get a spot on the back of the boat where there are fewer rod holders and thus people in whose lines you can get tangled. Folks let out too much line and ended up tangled under the boat with folks on the other side.



Black Sea Bass

Black Sea Bass


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